The BBQ lava rock GIMA

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Barbecue in pietra lavicaGrill'os is a unique innovation in the market, the only one with a plate full of lava. The advantages of a kitchen with lava stone barbecue, are numerous, first advantage of the homogeneity of the heat. Cooking on a grill lava stone, we will have foods that retain their original flavor, in fact, the absence of coal or wood, and Grill'Os the absence of exposure to combustion fumes, avoid alteration of flavors and fragrances. The homogeneity of cooking allows you to cook vegetables on its grid, we finally eggplant, zucchini and peppers, expertly grilled and not burned, as was the case with the classic barbecue. The intensity of the flavors kept, and the dispersion of useless substances present in foods, reduces the need for salt and condiments. The ease of maintenance is another advantage of not less negligible. You can clean the plate of barbecue simply with lemon and maintain the stainless steel is very simple. Another advantage of the barbecue Grill'Os is that the burners are never in contact with the oils of cooking thus remaining intact over time.