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Prodotti per calzaturifici

The footwear sector is a heterogeneous segment where you work a variety of materials (textile fibers, plastics, rubber and leather) and are manufactured in a variety of products, from footwear for men, women and children to more specific like snowboard boots and safety shoes . This diversity of end products is reflected in a variety of industrial processes, enterprises and market structures. GIMA provides a capacity of construction and manufacture of machinery suitable for your every need.

At our office there is a wide range of machinery for footwear, leather goods and clothing. Technologically advanced products with innovative design to ensure optimum performance. Processing speed and precision are the characteristics shared by all our equipment and represent the strengths thanks to which we have become a solid and reliable.

We have a well-stocked inventory of used and reconditioned carefully controlled, ready for insertion in the most diverse productions, from the footwear industry and the skin